Hillary has always loved horses; doubtless an inherited trait from her mother and grandparents! Hillary first sat on her mother’s retired event horse at thirteen months and cried when being pried off; the rest is history. Hillary got her first pony, Toby, when she was eighteen months old and was jumping him over logs by the time she was three. By the age of five she was winning ribbons in the Atlanta area hunter rings. Upon moving to North Carolina Hillary immediately joined the local pony club (Yadkin Valley Hounds); and at the age of six began eventing.

While growing up in northwestern North Carolina, Hillary had the opportunity to ride consistently with top riders David O’Brien (for eleven years) and Lauren O’Brien (for six years) as well as in clinics with some the country’s top riders and coaches including Jim Wofford, Kim Severson, Captain Mark Phillips, Phillip Dutton, Lucinda Green, Cindy Rawson, Buck Davidson, and Jim Graham. During her college years Charlie Plumb, Jim Kofford, and Bobby Costello coached her while she competed her two homebred horses, and graduated on the Deans list with honors from Appalachian State University with a major in psychology and a minor in business.

Upon graduation Hillary made the decision to take her riding to the next level, enhancing her overall horsemanship as well as learning the business end of the equine industry. She began a year working for Sharon White, an invaluable experience. While working at Sharon’s Last Frontier Farm Hillary was also able to consistently work with both Jimmy Wofford and Linda Zang in the continuing refinement of her skills. While at Last Frontier she was able to ride and compete many of Sharon’s young up and coming horses, sometimes as many as five in a weekend; a fantastic way to gain knowledge and confidence.

Hillary has competed multiple horses from the 2* rider to Advanced Level. Bringing a horse up from the beginning is what she enjoys the most. She loves the process of working with a horse daily and being an integral part of their growth and success. Hillary continues to learn something new everyday. If you are not willing to learn this is probably not the sport for you! Above all she wants to help each individual rider and horse gain the knowledge that will allow them to truly enjoy, and be successful, at the sport to the utmost of their ability.





2014 Carolina Int. CIC* - 8th Bit of Irish
2015 Pinetop CIC* - 7th Danehill Sunset
2015 Virginia CIC** - 11th Bit of Irish
2015 Chatt Hills - CIC** 2nd & 5th
2015 Mid-South - CCI* 1st
2015 Retired Racehorse T.P. - 2nd
2016 Red Hills - Advanced
2016 Chatt Hills CIC** - 3rd
2016 Jockey Club Int. CCI** - 5th
2017 Area 8 Championships - Intermediate - 1st


2015 Bit of Irish ranked 9th in the USEA Mare of the Year leaderboard
2015 "The Chronicle Staff's 2015 Fair Hill Picks"
2015 "Meet Four Fair Hill First-Timers"
2015 "Irwin Earns top Honors at MSEDA"




The only equestrian glove designed by an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon!

Hillary is so thrilled to have Bionic Gloves as part of our team!! After breaking her hand in two places and tearing both the ligament and the tendon that run along the outside, it has been a struggle to find gloves that can help increase grip strength. I cannot recommend these gloves enough; they are attractive, durable, and help achey hands feel relief!


Supporting your Equestrian Journey

We are so excited to have the support of Sagmae! Sagmae is carrying top of line products from all over the world and bringing them to the US. This is your go to place for stylish, quality tack and accessories. Their quality of products and customer care will make Sagmae your go to tack supplier!


Natural Supplements

Enviro Equine has managed to produce natural supplements to help your horse be a better, more healthy version of themselves! Both GastroBalance and ElectroBalane contain trace minerals to help keep your horse healthy from the basics of nutrition on up. These are unique, effective products from a company that has a sole goal to make your horse the best version of themself!


Southern CA Equestrian Sports Org

We are very proud to now be a part of the Southern California Equestrian Sports organization. You can now support Hillary and her horses through tax deductible donations! Please visit their website to learn more, or follow the link and find Hillary's name to donate directly online!



Case studies of horses. QuickDerm is a very non-caustic ointment that can address a variety of acute and chronic wounds in horses. We are so excited to now be supported by one of our favorite product lines ever. Quickderm is liquid gold, and our go to fix it magic potion! We use Quickderm on everything from cuts and fungus to serious wounds.

We attribute one horse keeping his ear fully to this product. There is not a more economical and effective product on the market and you will not be disappointed!



You will not find a saddle on any of Hillary's horses without a Thinline pad underneath. They have a wide variety of pads from the basic, which is fantastic for custom fitted saddles, to the shimmable, which are perfect for your ever changing young horse, or your impossible to fit thoroughbred. Beyond their top of the line back pads come the wide variety of other appreal for your horse. Hillary personally loves their sport boots, show jumping boots, and their reins. The quality, customer service, and research that goes into every product makes Thinline unbeatable!



Majyk Equipe boots have been in my boot line up for over three years! These are fantastic boots that are economical, functional, and effective. They are tough enough to last for years, while soft enough to prevent rubs on even the most sensitive skin! There is not a more complete line of boots on the market. There are boots for every occasion: from dressage boots, to the show jumping line, to the cross country boots. All of these boots are the most innovative technology on the market. We are proud to be part of this brand! Mayjk Equipe has been especially generous in offering all our friends and family 20% off their entire purchase, please contact Hillary for the information!



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Goode rider is the absolute top of the line for quality and comfort for all your riding clothes! Having purchased our first pair of their full seat breeches in 2007 and still having them today, we can attest to their outstanding quality. Every piece is fashionable enough to wear to the barn, or out on the town after. The comfort of the entire Goode Rider line is second to none. We are delighted to be part of this incredible company that has so generously given us a 20% Friends and Family discount to share with our wonderful clients! Check them out for yourself, you won't be disappointed!



Tribute feeds have been a game changer for our horses! Tribute carries an extensive line of feeds to help ensure proper nutrition for everything from your pet pony to your four star event horse. We have been delighted with the results from feeding our horses the Kalm Ultra and Essential K. We have seen a noticeable improvement in muscle development, and our picky eaters have never been happier! We are so grateful to be part of a company that is just as invested as we are in seeing our horses succeed and thrive. We are happy to put you in contact with our area representative so you can see the results for yourself!



We are so incredibly excited that Brook Ledge has decided to become part of our team by helping to support Nutello on his journey to the top of the sport! Our family has used Brook Ledge to help with horse transportation for over 15 years and we couldn't be more proud to have Mo represent this company! When considering transportation for your horse, look no further than Brook Ledge!